By Nathan / 17 June 2015

Hello everyone.

Stage 1 of the renovation is complete! All of the floors have been stripped of existing appliances, decorations, electrics and pipework. From this point we will be able to start afresh, installing everything to a high specification and adding a few extras to enhance comfort such as sound proofing and underfloor heating.

The strip out stage was very important in identifying any issues that were hidden within the property or could come about as a result of our plans, but also gave us the opportunity to see areas for improvement which were not included in our plans. Although the architectural drawings were very detailed and in-depth, sometimes going and standing in a room shows you things that drawings just can’t quite capture. This has resulted in changes to the layout of a few rooms including bathrooms and the ground floor, which we believe will make the property even better.

Now we’re beginning the build phase of the project, things will start to move along fairly quickly. Plumbers and electricians will start installing their various services before plasterers and joiners arrive to start forming the rooms and before you know it, we will be in the ‘finish’ phase of the project. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the end is not far from the horizon.