By Nathan / 18 April 2015

The time has arrived! Welcome to the beginning of what is to be York’s newest premier self-catering accommodation.

10 St Mary’s is a Victorian period townhouse situated in the centre of York, only a short walk from the York Minster, the Yorkshire Museum, the ruined St Mary’s Abbey from which the street takes its name and our sister property, Lendal Tower.

The previous owners converted the property into four individual flats, however from the first viewing there was always the sense that the property would make a fantastic home. With that in mind we briefed the contractors to create a truly special, luxurious property.

The project will run in three main stages: Strip Out, Build & Finish.

Armed with sledgehammers and excited smiles, the contractors got to work taking apart the interior a month ago, removing existing appliances, services, joinery and partitions. As well as providing stress relief for the builders, the strip out also lays the foundations for the rest of the build and the various features that will make the property great. The project is very ambitious and involves substantial changes throughout the building which means the property has to be gutted from top to bottom before any other work can begin, but the site manager has assured us that for them, this is in fact "the best bit"!

As with Rome, this project will not be completed in a day so make sure to check back on this blog regularly to see how we are progressing.