Perfection takes time
By Nathan / 10 August 2015

Hello everyone

Things are rapidly changing over at 10 St Marys and it shows no signs of slowing down. The plumbers and electricians have finished installing their services and the plasterers have begun forming the rooms. Work has also begun externally, with the brickwork undergoing an acid wash to make the exterior brighter and new guttering is being installed. The sauna and kitchen suppliers will be attending to take their final measurements before installation after which the next step will be to begin decorating the property, however as the title says perfection takes time, so we are taking all the time necessary to make the building truly special.

During the renovation we originally planned to restore the existing staircase and handrail however through further investigation and discussions with the contractors we concluded that a restoration of the existing staircase would not sufficiently meet the high standards of the property. Therefore we are ripping it out and replacing it with new!

This will add a short amount of time to the project, however no amount of time is long enough when you want to get something right and provide the best possible stay for our guests.

Make sure to visit the website again soon for more updates.

  • Plastered Walls

    Ready for some TVs!

  • Plastered Walls

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